Northern Pygmy Owl Pictures, great pictures of northern pygmy owls in nature

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Here is some general information on the northern pygmy-owl.

The Northern Pygmy-owl or Mountain Pygmy-owl, Glaucidium gnoma (sometimes Glaucidium californicum), is a small owl.

Adults are 15–17 cm in overall length (nearly 6 inches) and are gray, brownish-gray or rufous in colour. This owl has a round white spotted head, weakly defined facial disc, and dark upper breast, wings and tail, the latter quite long compared to other owls. The eyes are yellow and the bill is yellowish-green. The bird has two black nape spots outlined in white on the back of its head, which look like eyes. The mid to lower breast is white with darker vertical streaking. Legs are feathered down to the four well-armed toes on each foot.

Males will regularly perch at the top of the tallest available conifer trees to issue their territorial call, making them somewhat ventriloquistic in sloped landscapes, and causing distress and confusion among observers on the ground hoping to get a glimpse.